Benefits of Wenham Fitness

Benefits of Wenham Fitness

SUPPORT –  24/7 personal support. Through face to face meetings, daily check ins, Face time/ Skype calls, email, Whats app support. You will not find a more personal, passionate, discreet or fast support service. You are our passion.

PERSONAL TOUCH – Every personal training session, every training plan and nutrition plan is designed specifically for you. Taking into account your time restraints, wants and goals. Food likes and dislikes, family set up, medical conditions, dietary requirements. Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fussy eater, diabetic, crohns specific, lactose intolerant, gluten, wheat and barley allergies, all worked out and catered for in our bespoke package for you.

DYNAMIC APPROACH – I pride myself on being at the spearhead of our industry. I research and develop our nutrition and training strategies based on not only years or experience and knowledge, but through research and studying into new and fantastic approaches to getting you into your healthiest body, healthiest mind and the shape of your life.

FLEXIBILITY – This applies to not only our facility, where we can cater to Personal training at ANY time of the day or night, but in regards to our training and nutrition principles. The plans we write and the training we configure is flexible, it’s designed to fit into your lifestyle changes and personal life. Not force you into a lifestyle the is not SUSTAINABLE.

RESULTS – Although our ethos is long-term sustainable results, we are results driven. Goals will be set and assessed periodically to ensure we are doing everything we can to get you where you aspire to be. Depending on the package you choose we will make regular and relevant adjustments to your nutrition and training to ensure YOU HIT YOUR BODY AND HEALTH GOAL.

VALUE – Although this is a bespoke service in a private boutique gym space, with true one on one personal training and programming, we are not here for money. We love this industry and getting people the health and body that they want. Which is why we do not over price, no ridiculous upselling and PT fee’s that compete with those at crowded mainstream public gyms.